R100 and Winch

The Roson 100 can be operated in water depths up to 1500m, in standard form 3m - 15m penetration is easily achieved. The i-cone is driven into the seabed at a constant rate of 2cm\s with a max push and pull force of 100kN. The management of the power data umbilical is via fully automated constant tension winch, this ensures the cable is managed safely at all water depths, and improves the operational efficiency of the launch and recovery sequence.

The R100 is modular and the total weight of the unit can be adjusted from 8.0t – 13.5t to ensure the unit can be deployed from smaller vessels, or have the weight reduced should the seabed conditions dictate. A mud skirt can be added to reduce any sinkage and ensuring the cone remains unloaded before the start of the CPT test.

R100 Specifications

• 100kN Max Push Force
• 10cm2 i-Cones - measuring Cone end resistance(qc), local friction (fs), pore water pressure(u)
• Weight = 7.0t – 12.5t
• Dedicated DNV Control Container
• Penetration = 3- 15m
• Power Requirements = 3pH 63A 415V
• Dimensions = 2300 x 2300 x 2900mm
• Height with 3m Mast = 6.4m
• Quick to mobilise
• Robust Powerful and Reliable
• Click on modules – Conductivity, Mag Cone, Vane & Seismic

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