Constant Tension Winch

The R100 CT winch stores and manages 1500m of umbilical which feeds the power and communication lines to the R100.

The winch is electrically driven which means mobilisation is quick and seamless and only requires a 63A supply. The advantage of an electrically driven winch is the winch is extremely quiet during operations, meaning the working area doesn’t become flooded with noise and the operators can concentrate on CPT testing.

The winch can simply be put into CT mode on deployment and the cable will follow the R100 on its decent to the seabed, with line speeds from 1.6 – 2.0m/s it has the agility to cope with any deployment systems.

The operator can adjust the tension to suit local conditions with a simple to use potentiometer located on the side of the CT Winch.


• Weight = 4.1t
• Dimensions = 2000*2100*2180mm
• Pulling force = 760kgs
• Speed = 2.0m/s
• Power = 63A 3pH 380-440V 50\60hZ
• Capacity = 1500m

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