The Iconductivity click on module gives the R100 the ability to acquire standard insitu soil properties like porosity and density, whilst acquiring electrical conductivity and temperature in one application.

The Iconductivity module measures variations in the electrical conductivity of the soil. The output enables detection of sand & clay layers and tracking of salt water carrying layers and detection of contamination.

The Iconductivity module is simply plugged in above our standard Icone meaning that the usual four parameters are recorded (Tip, Sleeve, Pore Pressure, Cone Inclination) whilst measuring the conductivity and real time temperature of the soils.


Module length:  550mm with Icone

Module diameter:  44mm

Module weight:  3.7kg without Icone

Conductivity: - measuring range 50 - 1,500 mS/m
Temperature: - measuring range 0˚ - 50˚C - accuracy: 1.5%

Data transfer options:  
• 4-wire Icone cable inside CPT-rods
• Wireless Optical data transfer

• Quadrax swivel connector to Icone
• Lemo 4-pins connector to Icontrol

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