Our standard Icone is used to investigate the subsoil by measuring Tip Resistance (Qc), sleeve (Fs), Pore Pressure (U2) and cone inclination (X/Y) during testing. The Icone has unique mechanical strength and properties which reduces losses and maintains very reliable test data even under difficult testing conditions.

The cones are easy to maintain offshore and we supply a cone field check calibration kit to ensure the integrity of the cones can be checked in the field.

Our cones are supplied in accordance with standards NEN 5140 & EN ISO 22476 -1 Class 2, our cones are calibrated annually, shorter calibrations are available on request.


Icone 10cm² Mominal MPa Maximum MPa Accuractry Class 2 in kPa
Tip resostamce (qc) 75 150 100 or 5%
Local friction (fs) 1 1.5 15 or 15%
Pore water Pressure (U) 2 or 10 3 or 15 25 or 3%
Inclination (l) 20 25 2
Depth     0.1m or 1%

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