Hamon Grab

The Geoforce Hamon Grab consists of a rectangular frame forming a stable support mechanism for the 0.1m² sampling bucket which is attached to a pivoted arm. Upon contact with the seabed, the tension from the wire is released which causes the sampling bucket to pivot through 90º pushing seabed sediment into the bucket which locates onto an inclined rubber - covered plate which creates a tight seal to avoid any loss of sediment.

Sample penetration is up to 20cm, and weights are added to the frame to minimise any lateral movement ensuring the quality of the sample.

On recovery the grab is landed onto a rectangular base.


• 0.1m² Sample Area
• Sample depth penetration up to 20cm
• Sample bucket is Marine 316 grade stainless steel construction
• Configurable lead ballast weights
• Easy to handle
• Certified Lifting Points and wire

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