Icone & Icontrol

The system consists of a digital cone, called Icone, and a digital data acquisition box called Icontrol. An Icone has a built-in AD-conversion, memory and micro-controller and provides an entirely digital path to the Icontrol. Thanks to this digital data transfer, the influence of cables or connectors on the measured data lies in the past. The Icone cables are of high standard and because all connectors are identical, cables will always fit.

Icontrol combines the depth information with the obtained CPT data and provides power to the Icone. Icontrol is connected to a PC or Laptop with an USB-connection. The Ifield software package is installed on the PC or Laptop for on-line presentation on screen and recording of the CPT data. Icone and Icontrol work in conjunction with the usual equipment for depth registration and pushing.

Digital Cone

The unique concept of Icone combines strength, reliability and economy. Icone is stronger than other available cones and at the same time more accurate and reliable. Thanks to its clever design, maintenance has become easier and can be done by the CPT operator on location. Calibration data is stored in the cone itself so USB sticks or floppy disks are no longer necessary.  


• Cost-effective CPT operation
• High quality data acquisition
• Available in 5, 10 and 15 cm2 version
• Entirely digital data transfer
• Applicable for onshore and offshore
• Easily extendable with click-on modules

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